MAWUNI means collectively.

A 340-acre farm in the Northern Catskills dedicated to the safe harbor of LGBTQ young adults at risk and older adults in need of support, Mawuni’s goal is to provide opportunities for community, education, and mentorship, as well as tools to empower, inspire, and transform lives. Mawuni’s vision is to create a supportive home base and accepting community for young adults who are experiencing homelessness when recently aged-out of foster care, leaving institutional settings, or seeking asylum, and older adults who are overlooked and are struggling to survive amidst poverty and social isolation.

In the language of the Lenape Indians, Mawuni means collectively. Community was essential to the Lenape, whose guiding principles were kindness, compassion, and shared responsibility for one another and their land. In that spirit, Mawuni—our intentional community and future eco-village—is slowly being brought to life.