Creating A Place of Promise

Currently in its exploratory phase, Mawuni is developing its capacity as a community building organization. This process involves inviting community stakeholders to participate in the Mawuni Leadership Lab, an organizational planning initiative designed as themed working groups.

Mawuni’s engagement of an intergenerational constituency is purposeful and is occurring via the creation of both youth and mature adult advisory boards to actively participate in the development and leadership of these working groups.

Leadership Lab participants will share best practices and emerging practices, express their needs, contribute to program design ideas, and otherwise support Mawuni’s efforts to provide value as a community based organization.

Working groups will be designed around Mawuni’s four pillars, the planned eco-village and overall organization mission and vision:

  • Farming
  • Arts
  • Wellness
  • Life skills and Vocational Training
  • Mawuni Campus and Village (Architecture/Sustainability and Infrastructure)
  • Community Outreach Upstate and Downstate
  • Organizational infrastructure and Fund development (Staffing, Fundraising, Operations)
  • Media and Communications
  • Social Enterprise

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