Norbert Norman, Founder of MawuniGrowing up gay in Belgium in the 60’s and 70’s was quite the challenge. I was sexually abused and bullied for years with nowhere to turn for help.

Despite the pain and sense of loss, I was determined to survive, to get better, and to find happiness.

I started to see my personal trauma as a gift. It heightened my empathy and fostered a passion for bringing people together, and seeing them happy and thriving. This is the impetus behind Mawuni. I want to let those who are vulnerable and in need of support know there is a caring community being created for them.

Mawuni is a place to feel safe, to feel understood, and to heal. It is a place where you can open up to your full potential away from the sometimes heartbreaking circumstances of life. It is a place to experience beauty, joy, love, creativity and inner peace — a place where young and old alike, can guide, support, and inspire each other to become a beneficial presence on this planet.

I believe Mawuni is building a wonderful platform for everyone involved to be of service, to share their gifts and talents, and to help create a viable and valuable community. We are surely and steadily growing into a cooperative of artists, teachers, farmers, elders, healers, therapists, consultants, entrepreneurs and advocates.

With all my heart, I invite you to join us to become a volunteer, an intern, a partner, a supporter, or simply a friend, an ally or loving neighbor. Only collectively can we deepen the roots and expand the reach of our budding Mawuni community to create a brighter future.

In gratitude,

Norbert Norman