Mawuni plans to create an intergenerational eco-village, a place of beauty and promise where LGBTQ young and older adults can live safe, sustainable lives in peace and solidarity.

Who: The village will be comprised of a majority LGBTQ adults, aged 55 and older. These residents may take on the role of elder, mentor, teacher or guide. Drawing upon their life experiences, they will be afforded opportunities to contribute to the emotional, intellectual, and artistic development of the younger generations of LGBTQ adults who choose to live proactive, progressive, and eco-conscious lives at Mawuni.

What: A village of small residences designed to house up to forty-five individuals in thirty dwellings with room to expand. Along with the guest residences, it will include: a communal farm, herb and flower gardens, a cheese making barn, a common house, an art studio, a wellness center, a library, café, and a small general store open to the public.

Where: In South Kortright, New York, on 340 acres of rolling hills and meadows, where the Delaware River and Susquehanna water sheds divide.

How: Working in partnership with environmental, building and finance professionals, Mawuni is creating blueprints and a sustainable plan of action.

When: Groundbreaking is projected for 2020.

Communal life at Mawuni Village will be a place to work, live, and grow. One can choose to be an artist, work in hospitality, be a caregiver, a pastry chef, cheesemaker, online advocate, pursue higher education opportunities, or find a job in the local community while sharing in the activities and programs offered at Mawuni.